Environmental Club is started by students at Tallmadge High School

Molly Conley, Social Media Editor

An Environmental Club for students that would like to make a difference has recently been started at Tallmadge High School. Junior Madi Barrickman came up with the idea while talking to friends about ways that she could be more environmentally friendly. 

“At first it was just kinda like, ‘oh yea what if we started a club?’” sophomore Jocelyn Dolence said. “But then we got really serious about it.”

Soon after, Dolence and Barrickman began working to get this club up and running. They proposed the idea to teacher Michelle Eynon, and she agreed to be their teacher advisor. After they had confirmation to start the club, they began advertising everywhere. Dolence created an Instagram account for the club and has been putting out informative infographics. 

When asked why it is important for Tallmadge High School to have an environmental club, Dolence explained that it shows sustainability and will keep people thinking about the environment at a young age. 

“The purpose of the club is really just to raise awareness,” Dolence said. 

Some of their future plans include service trips planting trees and flowers and running an electronic drive. They also have larger aspirations like starting a community garden and hosting a “thrift store” event where participants would bring in old clothes that they would otherwise get rid of and swap them with other people. These plans are yet to be finalized. 

The Environmental Club will host its first meeting, with pizza and other food, Thursday, Oct. 13 in the community room during academy B. The agenda will include discussing their ideas for the club’s events and plans.