Students take virtual field trips


Katie Patterson

Students in room 1204 attend a virtual field trip to the Bahamas.

Katie Patterson, Staff Writer

Teachers Tammie Habbyshaw and Lauren Stone’s class in room 1204 went on a virtual cruise to the Bahamas for a field trip Sept. 25. Once a month their class will be doing a virtual field trip based around curriculum themes. 

“[My favorite part about the field trips is] a chance to be creative and get out of the classroom but also the excitement the students show as we go through all the activities,” Habbyshaw said.

The first virtual field trip for the class was to the Georgia Aquarium Sept. 4.

“[It takes] at least a week of collaboration between Mrs. Stone and I and our co-workers [to plan the trips.] Everyone puts in their creative ideas, and it just organically comes together,” Habbyshaw said. 

The class works on functional life skills and field trips give them the ability to practice them in authentic situations. 

“Because we can’t [go on field trips] with Covid restrictions, we wanted to do the next best thing and plan field trips within the school,” Habbyshaw said. 

Each of the students in the class have individual goals they have to work on in the classroom and also as a group. 

Senior Michael Parent said, “[My favorite part of the virtual field trip was] making the drinks, even though I liked all of it.”