“Little Women” set as fall play

Keira Leitner, Staff Writer

Theatre Arts Career Academy (TACA) students decided the fall play this year will be “Little Women”. Opening night is planned to be Dec. 2 in the auditorium. 

Teacher Dave Obney is the co-director of the fall play. Obney said that due to Covid, the cast will record the show then broadcast it at a later date. The cast will be following the health guidelines during rehearsals, but during the show they are planning to perform more naturally.

If we need to go fully remote, we will continue the show, but shift into a remote-only performance mode, which we will have a plan for. The show WILL go on,” Obney said. 

Teacher Brin Charek is the co-director of “Little Women”.  Charek has a bachelor’s degree in acting and directing. She was also a professional youth theatre director. 

We oversee the creative vision and are the ultimate decision makers for how things look and feel on stage. We work as a team to make decisions on the technical elements of theatre (set, costumes, lights, and sound), budget matters, and most importantly help the actors achieve a great performance by working with them on staging, character development, and cast unity,” Charek said about her and Obney’s duties as directors. 

Charek said that if the Covid cases do rise, they will see if they can push back the broadcast time, and they will take the precautions they need to stay safe. 

Senior Karli Christ will be performing  in her 20th show this year. Christ will be playing Marmee March, who is the mother in the  show.

Christ said, “I’m really excited for fall play. So far it’s been great. Within the first week of rehearsal, the entire cast is already off book, which is amazing.


Little Women Cast List

In 1889

Miss Tomlinson-Rae Raeanne

Josephine March- Morgan Goodchild


The March Family

Mr. March- Greyson Knapp

Marmee March- Karli Christ

Meg March- Hannah Gibson

Jo March- Ellie Zalar

Beth March- Madison McKinney

Amy March- Isabella Casterline

Hannah- Madison Carlton

Aunt March- Jordan Boughner


Next Door

Mr. Laurence – Jacob Carlson

Laurie- Mason Schmidt

John Brooke- Alex Wagner


In Town

Mrs. Moffet- Aubrey Sanderson

Clara- Arianna Rusinoff

Jenny- Skylar Swanagin

Mary- Britney Cox

Sarah- Madeline Alberts

Katy- Natalie Almaraz


In New York

Mrs. Kirke- Kirstie Fontanez

Kitty- Madeline Alberts

Minnie- Skylar Swanagin

Professor Bhaer- Trevor Moravcik