Cross Country enters post-season with senior leadership


Jeremy Huth

Senior Tommy Naiman is expected to lead the boys Cross Country team into the post season. Naiman qualified to the State meet last year.

Aubrey Fox, Staff Writer

Cross Country has one of the biggest numbers of seniors this year. With a combined number of 11 seniors, six are boys and the other five are girls. They have been working hard to lead their team towards achieving their postseason goals. 

Many of the seniors have been running since as early as fifth grade, making many amazing friendships and memories on their journey. Last year was a very memorable and successful year for both cross country teams. Senior Mackenzie Moran qualified for State with the girls team last year. The boys, as well, shocked themselves by making it to Regionals. 

“One of my favorite memories while running is last year when the guys team qualified for Regionals as a team. We didn’t expect to make it out of districts and we made it out by a small margin,” senior Jackson Queen said. 

The seniors of 2020 have experienced a lot this year. Almost not having a season was heartbreaking to many. As times got hard, it was sometimes hard to stay motivated. The runners looked to their team for motivation. Some also have personal motivations that push them to be the best possible. 

Senior Mackenzie Moran looks to her father for motivation.

When faced with difficulties I remember one of the biggest reasons that I run is for him,”  Moran said. 

Senior Christina Brandenstein focuses on making herself proud “because at the end of the day, you determine your happiness.” Brandenstein set a personal record this season and “felt so strong throughout the races.” 

Playing a sport comes with injury and struggles. Senior Jacob Becks is proud of himself for “making it through constant injuries and ailments.” 

In 2019 the girls team placed third in the State championship meet. Looking back, the seniors recognize the big accomplishments as well as their personal goals that they achieved. 

Seniors have a big impact on the underclassmen runners. They give advice to the underclassman to keep the success of the team alive in years to come. 

My BIGGEST piece of advice would be to be a good team. Not a fast team, but a good team. Don’t just go through the motions, hang out and be best friends. It made the past four years so much fun and so memorable,” senior Rachel Prior said. A team that is built on friendship shows when it comes time to compete. 

Looking into the future, many seniors have stated they do not plan on running in the future, but Moran plans on running throughout college. 

Moran said, “Running is a lifelong sport, so you have a lot of time to get where you want to be and achieve your goals.” Many say they plan on continuing to run, even if not part of a team, and to keep improving themselves.

As for the end of the season, the seniors would love to see both teams make it to State and for everyone to be proud of their season. 

My hopes for the end of the season are that every single one of my fellow seniors get what they want out of their post season and are happy with all they’ve accomplished,” Moran said. 

Coach Jeremy Huth said he is very proud of what these seniors have accomplished.  The teams move into the postseason this weekend with their District meet. 

Huth said, “They have all had a huge impact on our program’s success.”