Improv says the shows will go on, with changes

Katie Patterson, Staff Writer

Improv shows will be different this year. The cast will be holding rehearsals every other week, virtually and in-person. There are six cast members, down from the ten members in the past.

For Improv shows we’re going to be doing them virtually. We are considering possibly doing a google meet or Facebook live or something like that so we can continue to include our audience in the show,” senior cast member Karli Christ said. 

During the Improv shows, the crew will be doing games that will focus on physical movement and humor. 

“Honestly, I’m just looking forward to having fun with the other members of the group and hopefully making people laugh. I know we all need something to smile at in 2020,” Christ said.

The crew will be practicing games that are focused more on vocal humor, with a little less physical movement and not as much interaction involved.

“Audiences will not be possible this year. I am hopeful we may be able to have an outdoor show in the spring with an audience though,” director Brin Charek said. 

All six of the crew members will be performing in all of the shows. The shows will be set up like the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyways” to make it virtual-friendly.

Charek said, “[Not having an audience] hurts Improv even more than regular staged plays and musicals. With Improv, the audience is a participant in the show. I am still trying to work out how to best include an audience somehow.”

There is no set date for when the first show will be. The crew is currently working on their rehearsals every other week.