Softball starts new winter conditioning program


Seniors Samira Dadich and Lani Gray lead their group in a workout on the stadium field Nov. 11.

Claire Taylor, Staff Writer

A new conditioning program aims to get Tallmadge High School softball players in better shape this winter so they are ready to play in the spring. Coach Brittany Lightel had to get creative to make workouts safe and fun during the pandemic. 

“I tried to come up with a way for the girls to still be motivated to workout but be able to stay socially distant,” Lightel said. “How it works is that I had the girls notify me if they would like to be on a conditioning team. After that, I split them up between four teams. Each team has one or two senior captains.”

Lightel posts a grid of workouts each week. Once players complete a workout, they earn points and those points can lead to prizes. 

“The week will end Saturday at midnight. I will count points and determine winners on Sunday morning. Each week different prizes will be awarded for different reasons. This first week I am awarding a prize to the team with the most points and a prize to the player that earned the most points,” Lightel said. 

The girls are able to do these workouts at their own time in their own house, or wherever they feel comfortable. Any type of exercise is counted for points. Some girls take lessons, or see trainers, and even going to a basketball practice will count. Senior Samria Dadich has been participating in these workouts.

“I love how we’re starting off. It’s competitive so it makes us all want to condition to better ourselves,” Dadich said. 

Freshman Mia Zappola has also been participating in these workouts. Although this was not what she imagined for her first year in high school softball, she is still making the best of it.

Coming into it I did not know what to expect, but once the winter league began all of the upperclassmen have been very welcoming and have made the experience very exciting,” Zappola said. 

The upcoming softball season is uncertain, but the coaches and players are optimistic that they will get a season. 

Dadich said, “Softball is considered a low contact sport, but we have no idea what this season  is going to look like for us since it’s months away. I really hope we get a season and it doesn’t end up like last year.”