Students make pies for Thanksgiving feast

Marley Queen, Staff Writer

Students in teacher Stephanie Caicco’s Culinary Fundamentals class are making pies for the school-wide Thanksgiving.

“There were 118 [pieces of] apple pie and 166 [pieces of] pumpkin pie ordered this year,” Caicco said. 

With this year being different with COVID-19, Caicco decided that there was a better way to distribute the pies.

“We decided to go with ‘mini’ pies for each person [this year].  The pies are the size of a traditional cupcake,” Caicco explained. 

The pies will be handed out Nov. 23 (a blue day) and Nov. 24 (a gold day) to the students who ordered them.

Caicco said, “[My students] have been doing a fantastic job. I am so proud of them.”