Business classes prepare for virtual competitions

Keira Leitner, Staff Writer

The Business Fundamentals classes will be involved in a virtual competition. Teachers Joni Giles and Kim Brendal will be preparing the classes. The groups will be creating a quality product as their exam grade, and the teams have already selected their group members and their products. 

Brendel said that senior Elena Kozma finished second place in the state of Ohio last year. The competition included Global Marketing, and her team created a business plan for an eco-tourism company. They created a ten-page long business plan, along with a presentation. 

It does sound like a lot of work, but we were able to use class time to work on it, and in the end it was really nice to see all of our hard work as a finished product,” Kozma said.

Students will be competing in similar contests as Kozma but virtually this winter. 

Elena rose to the challenge and finished in second place in the state of Ohio.  This would have qualified the students for the National BPA competitions – but of course, these were canceled due to the pandemic,” Brendel said. 

Giles said that this will be her thirty-second year being involved with this competition and really enjoys the event every year. 

We put an enormous amount of work and preparation in the competition; however, when my students do really well and win awards, it is so fun to see them get excited about winning,” Giles said.  “It is a real morale booster for them as well when they succeed.”