Principal shares passion for cooking


Cory Michalec, Staff Writer

This is Cory Michalec reporting for the THS Devils’ Tale, and I interviewed Principal Michael Householder on his passion for cooking.

Question: How long have you been in education and how long have you been a principal? 

  1.       I have been in education for 31 years and 24 as a principal.

Question: When did you learn your passion for cooking? 

  1.       I was 10 years old and my dad was a great cook and taught me how to cook.

Question: Would you be a chef if you weren’t in education? 

  1.       No, I do not think so. I would have probably gone into business.

Question: Did you own a restaurant? 

  1.       Yes, I worked in a restaurant for a couple years. 

Question: What is your favorite thing to cook?

  1.       I can cook anything, but I do love cooking Italian and Cajun.

Question: What is the teacher’s favorite thing that you make that you bring in for them? 

  1.       They love my chicken marsala the best.

Question: What are your favorite meals? 

  1.       Double grilled wings, jambalaya and bolognese sauce with pasta

Question: Besides Italian food, what other colonial food do you like to make?  

  1.       I am terrible at Chinese cooking, but I do make fantastic egg rolls.

Question:     Do you prefer cooking inside or outside on the grill? 

  1.       I do both well. I do like grilling.

Question: How did you feel about taking second place to Mr. Linder in last your chili cook-off? 

  1.   It was rigged. His chili was not nearly as good as mine, but when you pay off judges that is what happens.