Fall Play continues to adjust

Madigan Clum, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19 increasingly getting worse in the area, the THS play “Little Women” has since been put on hold. 

Senior actress Karli Christ said, “Because of the Covid spike, we’ve had to change a ton of things very last minute. We previously had planned to have a film crew come in to film the show since we can’t have a live audience but now we can’t even have that.”

Covid mandates have put a strain on the play.  The actors/actresses have to be six feet away from each other at all times now.  This includes when on the stage acting, although previously they only had to be six feet apart off stage. 

“That’s caused a lot of difficulty having to re-block the majority of the show,” Christ said. 

Without a whole lot of information right now, the actors/actresses remain unsure of what will come. 

Christ said, “Mr. Obney and Mrs. Charek say they’ve got a plan, but they were only just told about this a few days ago so things are a bit up in the air at the moment.”