Christmas tree decorating is favorite holiday tradition

Madigan Clum, Staff Writer

Last week I posted a Twitter poll on which holiday traditions were people’s favorite.  The options were: Christmas tree decorating, Christmas cookie making, looking at holiday lights, and getting together with family.  Here are the results:

In first place with 38% of the votes is Christmas tree decorating.  My favorite tradition is Christmas tree decorating because I like to drink hot chocolate and put up the ornaments with my family every year.

In second place with 31% of the votes is Christmas cookie decorating.  Senior Zoe Dirker said, “Every Christmas growing up my mom and I would take over the kitchen and dining room to bake and decorate cookies for hours.”

In third place with 21% of votes is going to family gatherings.  “It’s fun to spend time with your family during the holidays and do fun Christmas things together,” freshman Abby Caruso said.

In fourth place with 10% is looking at holiday lights. “It brings joy to my family and I.  It really puts us in the Christmas spirit,”  sophomore Emma Garbinsky said.