Tallmadge school leaders focus on positives of 2020

Claire Taylor, Staff Writer

When most of us think about 2020, we will recall the pandemic. It has dominated the whole year, causing illness, death, unemployment, remote learning and more. Despite this, there have been some positives to this year. Many people have experienced good things, including some of the Tallmadge School District staff.

Counselor Taylor Lane said 2020 provided an opportunity for her “to spend time with my daughter and watch her grow from a toddler to a little girl.” 

Many curveballs came at us this year, causing uncertainty for the future. Assistant principal Jenifer Stewart shares what surprised her the most. 

“I’ve always been fairly outgoing and social, but this year made me realize how much I really enjoy being at home and slowing down,” Stewart said. 

Some valuable lessons were learned as well.  

“I learned that you must be prepared for anything that comes your way and make the best of it,” Principal Michael Householder said.

 Quarantining at home gave people time to try new hobbies that helped them get through this tough time. 

“I read for pleasure every night, and I start my day reflecting in a journal three positive things that happened to me the prior day,” Superintendent Jeff Ferguson said. “It starts my day appreciating how awesome and precious each day is no matter what happens.”  

With this tough year almost over, Tallmadge school leaders are looking to the future.  

Ferguson said,  “I am saddened at the loss of life due to this pandemic this past year but know we will get past it in 2021. I hope we all stay safe for a few more months and better days will be ahead.”