Students choose to switch to in-person learning for second semester


Cirina Matos

Sophomore Reagyn Mangano works on her chromebook in a classroom at Tallmadge High School.

Cirina Matos, Co-Editor-In-Chief

With the change of the new semester, 48 high school students have switched from the online learning program to the in-person, hybrid schedule learning. Junior Grace Brim and sophomore Reagyn Mangano are just two of the students who decided to make the switch to in-person learning. Both students had a challenging experience with online learning and are very happy to be back in school.

Mangano started off her sophomore year feeling very disconnected from Tallmadge. The only thing keeping her feeling a part of THS was being able to play soccer. Mangano is an honors student, keeping up with a tough online schedule. Taking Art History, Biology, Honors English 10, and Honors Algebra 2, her semester was very stressful. 

“It was very boring and stressful. It was super easy to fall behind and it wasn’t organized at all,” Mangano said. 

The stress of online learning was one of two main reasons as to why Mangano switched back to in-person learning. Another was not being around other students and her closest friends. Just in the first few weeks, Mangano is already feeling much more connected and less stressed. Mangano is now taking Honors Advanced Algebra 3 with Trigonometry, American History, Spanish 3, and Annual. 

Mangano said, “I am glad I switched back to in-person learning. I can ask questions in real time, and it is so much easier to learn.”

Brim decided to go with online learning for the first semester because her parents believed it was the best decision for their family. Unfortunately, it became very challenging very quickly. She was taking Economics and Government and was also attending her career program at David Bacon Pre-School. 

“It was very different and not very hands-on, and quite frankly I don’t think I really learned anything,” Brim said. 

Switching back to in-person learning is helping Brimset new goals for the rest of the school year and take in new material better. 

Brim said, “I think it was the best decision for me and my high school career.”