Kasper named Teacher of the Year for 2019-2020 school year


Kelsie Horner

Teacher Cindy Kasper displays her award, surrounded by students.

Kelsie Horner, Staff Writer

Teacher Cindy Kasper works with junior Esther Layton during academy Feb. 5. (Cirina Matos)

Teacher Cindy Kasper was recently announced as Tallmadge’s 2019-2020 teacher of the year. Kasper has taught at Tallmadge for 10 years and teaches mainly math. Kasper graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor and a Masters degree. 

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be teacher of the year! In most professions, you get a promotion or a raise if you work hard and do a good job. Teaching is different. The reward that teachers get is much more meaningful, but few people outside the classroom tend to know that we are doing a good job,” Kasper said. “We not only teach kids academic material, but we get to encourage them and build relationships with them and hopefully make a positive impact on their lives. I’m happy to get the award, but I was so touched by how excited my students were for me. That was the best award.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kasper had to finish the 2019-2020 year in remote learning. 

“I tend to like technology, so I think that in that regard I’ve adjusted reasonably well to all the online teaching stuff. But, oh my goodness, I missed seeing my kids faces! I missed seeing the kids’ smiles and smirks and goofy looks. The masks have made it a bit harder to get to know the kids,” Kasper said in regards to remote learning and new mask protocol during in-person learning.

Even with COVID-19, Kasper knows how to make a big impact on her students and keep them positive. 

Kasper said, “I try to be extremely organized, and I try to have a good sense of humor. My students seem to appreciate both of these qualities.” 

The announcement that Kasper had won teacher of the year was made Jan. 20 at a faculty staff meeting.

Principal Michael Householder said, “Mrs. Kasper is a phenomenal teacher that teaches well no matter the class. Kids are always engaged. Through her many instructional activities, kids always learn well.”