Students to begin new scheduling process for 2021-2022 school year

Katie Patterson, Online Editor

Scheduling for the 2021-2022 school year is going to be very different due to the pandemic. Students will be doing their scheduling virtually this year. Usually when beginning the scheduling process, each grade would meet in the auditorium with the counselors. Counselors and teachers would go over the class options, and then students would select classes for their next year’s schedule.

“This year everything will be virtual. Instead of having class meetings, counselors will be coming to ninth and tenth grade academies,” counselor Heather Prazer said. 

Scheduling meetings will start Feb. 8 and run through Feb. 22. Ninth and tenth graders will meet during academy. Due to eleventh graders having the option to do open lunch this year, or if they are participating in a career program, they will have second and fourth block sessions.

“The first part of the alphabet will go during the second block, and the second half of the alphabet will go to the fourth block,” Prazer said.

Eighth graders will meet to plan their next year schedules March 2 and 3. Since students are unable to come to the school to do a tour in person, counselors are working on compiling a virtual building tour. There will also be presentations from administrators and teachers.

“Current eleventh graders will have an assembly in the rotunda, and at that time juniors will register to take their ACT, and start the scheduling process,” Prazer said. “If a student is absent and misses the presentation, everything will be posted to the class google classrooms, so they can access the presentations any time, and the google form where they can select their classes.”

Three new classes will be offered next year. Creative Writing, Intro to Data Science, and Personal Financial Management. Creative Writing will be offered to tenth-twelfth graders, Personal Financial Management will only be offered to eleventh and twelfth graders. Intro to Data Science will be available to students of all grade levels. 

“I am excited to teach Creative Writing because I like experiencing new viewpoints and look forward to the creative ideas students will bring,” Rozborski said.

Tallmadge Online was the new program offered to students this year for those who did not want to come to school for in-person learning. It is still in the works whether or not that will be an option next year. Administrators are also still deciding if juniors and seniors will still have the option to do open lunch. 

Another change this year is individual graduation plans will be created by each ninth and tenth grade student, and they will update their four-year course plans each year.

Prazer said, “This is a new requirement by the Ohio Department of Education. Students will update these by completing an electronic survey on their Naviance accounts.”