Junior holds stuffed animal drive to earn Eagle Scout rank


Kelsie Horner, Staff Writer

Junior Evan Hipkins is holding a stuffed animal drive to donate to Akron Children’s Hospital in hopes of earning his Eagle Scout ranking. Hipkins has been a Boy Scout for six years.

“I chose to do a stuffed animal drive for Akron Children’s Hospital because when I was younger I was a patient there for having Meningitis. I figured I’ve sorta walked in most of the kids’ shoes and felt I should give back,” Hipkins said.

The drive will continue to accept donations until March 20. All stuffed animals must have tags on and should be brought to the school and placed in the collection bin under the info board in the Rotunda.

“I’m super excited to see how big of a turnout we get. I’m excited to help bring smiles to some kids’ faces,” Hipkins said.

Hipkins will be earning his Eagle Scout ranking with this project, which is something he worked very hard for. 

Hipkins said, “Earning my Eagle Scout to me would overall be a huge achievement. My brother, dad, and grandpa all earned it and I would like to continue that tradition. It shows good attributes in a person and may help to be on my resume as well.”