Technology remains focus for next school year

Tyler Greenlee, Staff Writer

Technology was a main focus this year as students and teachers navigated remote learning.  What are the plans for next school year?

There will be some upgrades to the high school classroom display and sound reinforcement systems. The projectors and sound systems in those classrooms were installed when the building was built twelve years ago and are starting to fail.  The projectors will be replaced by interactive flat panel displays, called Clevertouches, which are identical to those installed in the new K-8 Buildings. 

Director of Technology Kurt Gwin said, “These displays will give the teachers the ability to control their computer using the panel itself, simultaneously displaying to the students in the room and those who may be attending remotely.  The lessons can then be recorded and made available on demand in Google Classroom.” 

Chromebooks are expected to be at school every single day charged and ready to go again next year. Only Tallmadge Online students will have the option to opt out of a school-issued chromebook.

School counselor Heather Prazier said, “Students are going to keep their chromebooks over the summer to use next year. New students will be issued a school chromebook next year.” 

How  Google Classroom is used will be up to the individual teachers.

“We will continue to provide Google Classroom to everyone as part of our Google Education domain.  Digital content delivery is something we’ve been moving towards for several years,” Gwin said. “ The pandemic caused us to really pivot and commit to this method of delivery especially given the fact that every student is now issued a chromebook.”