Rising Covid numbers reinstate safety protocols

Ana Crangle, Editor-In-Chief

Normality is a concept that many Tallmadge students, staff and families hoped to embrace as in-person learning resumed in full swing this past August. So far, that sense of normalcy has returned. However, the threat of COVID-19 affecting the school year is still imminent. 

“[As of Aug. 30] we are at 23 student cases with 62 students in quarantine [at the high school],” Superintendent Steve Wood said. 

Starting the week of Sept. 7, that number has jumped to 32 student cases. To put that into perspective, during the 2020-21 school year, there were only 66 cases reported total, including the eighth grade class. In response to the growing number of students and teachers spreading COVID-19, an all-call was sent out the night of Aug. 30  mandating face coverings throughout the district during school hours. 

“Too many kids were getting sick and too many students were having to miss school. Based on the protocols, many of those quarantined would not miss school if they had been masked,” Wood said.  

Tallmadge will not continue the practice of checking each student’s temperature as they enter the building, as it proved ineffective at detecting those who had the virus. Social distancing has returned  but at a 3-foot radius. 

“I, like many, were hopeful that this year would see very little impact from COVID. It is evident now that COVID will be an obstacle. We need to be smart and work hard to work through it together to make this year as great as it can be for our students,” Wood said. 

Tallmadge City Schools are set to remain open for the rest of the school year unless the current Covid situation were to change in the future. 

For more information on this matter, go to www.tallmadgeschools.org and go to the “COVID-19 Response” directory where all Covid-related information regarding the schools is available, including a Covid-19 Dashboard with daily updates.