Student support should extend to more sports

Phoebe Carlson, Staff Writer


The Tallmadge High School girls tennis team has had a record of very low student attendance. Their matches often draw only a few students, and they are majorly lacking support. Tallmadge is exceptional when it comes to student support at things like football and volleyball games, so we should expect nothing less for the tennis team. 

Senior Caroline Peters said, “I think having a group of students come would greatly boost our spirits and is a great idea.” 

Peters pointed out that tennis matches are different in terms of situation. There are often five matches happening at once. This causes problems for the idea of a student section, but none more troubling than the fact that tennis matches are quiet events. Tennis matches have an unwritten set of rules that dictate tennis etiquette, one of those being that cheering is not allowed during a play. 

Senior Emily Rotunda had her own concerns about the idea of a loud student section, so she had some suggestions as to how to make it possible. “Tennis is more of a quiet sport, so it would have to be a controlled student section,” Rotunda said.  While tennis is quiet, there are many ways to support the girls without interrupting, which include signs, quiet clapping, or even just showing up and being there for them while they play. 

The team still has six matches left in the season, four of which are at home. The remaining home matches are Sept. 28 and 29. The matches take place on the courts alongside the Tallmadge Rec Center and are free to attend for all students willing. 

Having their friends and classmates come to support the team would be widely beneficial to everyone involved, especially the girls playing. 

“We would love to have more students involved with the tennis team,” Rotunda said. 

Come out and watch the team. They would appreciate the support and it would really show that Tallmadge wants the best for all their athletes, no matter what sport they play.