Q&A with Coach Srodawa about Indoor Track


Benjamin Ahwajee

Q: Do you think more and more people are doing indoor track every year?  

A: Yes.

Q: What do you think about this? 

A: [I attribute it to] the success both girls and boys teams have had. The boys won the League for the first time in 55 years last year. Also the Middle School program has developed some good track athletes.

Q: Do you think indoor track could become its own sport?  

A: I would like it to become one, but it can’t be one because OHSAA has already turned it down. Some high schools have indoor track as its own sport. It is not common for a high school to have its own Indoor Track team because OHSAA has been asked several times and doesn’t like to do that.

Q: Would you be for it or against it? 

A: For it.

Q:Could indoor runners have their own separate letter? Explain for me. 

A:Yes, it would fall under the same requirements of all the other sports. 

Q: How many students do indoor track? 

A: Around 25 kids. Last year the numbers were in the teens. The numbers are up about 50%.

Q: What motivated you to coach indoor track? 

A: It encourages more kids to train during the offseason.  It’s also to get kids ready to do outdoor track that want extra work. Also hoping that having indoor track could turn into something bigger.

Q: How is indoor track different from outdoor track? 

A: The events that people compete in are different. The entire track is shorter indoors. There are also events called triple jump, weight throwing and the 60 meter sprint/hurdles. Also the records for indoor and outdoor track are seperate.

Q: How do athletes become involved in indoor track?

 A: All you have to do is just show up to meetings and practices. The practices are at the High School, sometimes the Blue Devil stadium. There are 3 indoor track meets at the Kent State Fieldhouse. Some of the meets you can sign up for are at the University of Akron University and Mount Union.

Q: Does COVID affect this season? 

A: You have to wear masks indoor but not while competing. Besides that nothing else.