Photographer captures more than key moments

Marley Queen, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Cirina Matos is the eye of Tallmadge High School. Matos can be spotted on the sideline at sporting events, pep rallies, senior picture sessions, and most other school events. Since her freshman year, Matos’ weeks are packed balancing school and photography.

“It is definitely challenging because editing pictures is like having a workload of homework. I am in three CCP classes, and they are really challenging,” Matos said. “The days I don’t have work, I go straight home from school and start right away with homework and editing pictures.”

Matos spends a part of each day on photography. It has gained her a lot of recognition from her classmates and the community.

Senior Zoe Rensel said, “Cirina’s pictures are so important to the school because we use them for everything. It is nice to have someone who takes really good pictures of all of the events.”

Matos’ pictures are taken at key moments in the game and during activities around the school.

Matos said, “My favorite part is being able to capture emotions and memories that last forever and telling stories in one picture.”

Matos uses a Nikon D780 camera with 70-200mm and 24-70mm lenses.

Matos said, “You don’t need top tier equipment for good photos. Knowing how to use a camera and the elements of a good photo is all you need to capture the best moments.”

To view Matos’ photo galleries, visit her personal website: