Recognizing veterans is important

Andrew Falls, Staff Writer

Prior to the pandemic, Tallmadge High School hosted a Veterans Breakfast every year on or around Veterans Day, giving the students of THS the opportunity to invite friends and family members that served in the armed services to share stories and honor their time and dedication to serving their country. It is important to hear the voices of veterans in a welcoming environment where the spotlight is on them. The Veterans Day Breakfast gave many veterans with diverse experiences from all walks of life an opportunity to tell their stories.

When talking with assistant principal Mark Horner about why the event has been on a hiatus, he responded by saying new administration and adjusting back from the last two years has pushed back the event, but there are plans to bring back the event in some fashion by next year. 

Horner said, “It’s certainly been put on the table for next year. We still need to figure out what needs to be done to bring it back by next Veterans Day.”

Horner also went on to explain that the event had been primarily led by the Social Studies department, but because of his new position as assistant principal, the nature of the position has caused the event to be by the wayside.

One other reason the event has continued to be delayed is due to the continued presence of COVID-19. Although it is not a subject that is on the minds of people to the extent that it was at one time, it is important to protect the vulnerable, especially those of an older age who are more susceptible to severe symptoms from the virus. 

“Many of the Veterans are up there in age, and we need to continue to be careful in order to keep them safe regarding Covid,” Horner said.

In the meantime, students can honor veterans, family or friends by writing letters of appreciation or simply sitting down with one and having a heartfelt conversation just to let them know their service is important and that what they did for their country will be remembered and honored forevermore. 

The voice of a veteran is an important one. It is something that needs to be preserved and passed down in order to understand why we honor those that have been in the service and the lessons learned from it.  I do hope that in the future a school-wide event with the focus of honoring our Veterans returns in one way or another, whether that be the return of a breakfast or simply a gathering in the rotunda.