First Team All-Suburban League Football Players Take the Stage

Sean Rorar, Staff Writer

How has playing football affected you?

Jackson Dougherty: The sport has helped me a lot because you can take your mind off of things while you’re playing and make close friends.

Vito Paonessa:  Football has affected me by giving me a team I can rely on as a second family.

Nick Cuva:  This sport has affected me by making so many great friends from the sport.

Ty Hurst: It gave me lifelong friendships that I’ll never forget.

Collin Dixon: This sport has changed my whole life and has paid for my college.

Zander Hopkins: This sport has affected me a lot by making me become a better person and a player making so many bonds and memories that I will never forget.

Zac Robinson: I have a bad back and 4 years of good memories.


What was your favorite memory from this season?

Jackson Dougherty: My favorite memory was beating Green in overtime.

Vito Paonessa: My favorite memory is beating Green in overtime.

Nick Cuva: My favorite memory was beating Green in overtime.

Ty Hurst: Winning a home playoff game.

Collin Dixon: My favorite memory is playing in front of a bunch of people every Friday.

Zander Hopkins: My favorite memory this season was winning our first home playoff game at the new stadium.

Zac Robinson: Beating Green in overtime.


Which teammate inspires you the most and why?

Jackson Dougherty: Caden inspired me the most because even through injuries he still found ways to make plays.

Vito Paonessa: Damon spires me because of his Relentless work ethic and being a smart teammate.

Nick Cuva: Joey Lieb because he always had a smile on his face no matter what and still supported the team after he stopped playing.

Ty Hurst: My good buddy Collin Dixon because we are such good pals.

Collin Dixon:  Keston because he probably works the hardest out of anyone on the team.

Zander Hopkins: The teammate that inspires me the most is Caiden because he got hurt multiple times and powered through all the injuries and still balled out 

Zac Robinson: Keston because he always gives his best effort.


Why did you choose this sport?

Jackson Dougherty: I chose this sport because I grew up watching my uncles playing high school and I wanted to be like them.

Vito Paonessa: I chose the sport because the atmosphere on Friday Night Lights is unmatched in any other sport feeling a whole city behind you.

Nick Cuva: I loved the hitting and social aspect.

Ty Hurst: I have always played football.

Collin Dixon: My parents kind of chose the sport for me when I was really young and I kept playing it because it’s something I’m good at.

Zander Hopkins: My dad signed me up in fourth grade and I put in so much work that I began to love it.

Zac Robinson: I chose this sport because there’s not much else to do down in Ohio.


How long have you been playing?

Jackson Dougherty: I have been playing football since I was in third grade.

Vito Paonessa: I’ve been playing football since youth.

Nick Cuva: I have played football for 12 years.

Ty Hurst: I have been playing since Kindergarten.

Collin Dixon:  I have been playing since I was 5 years old.

Zander Hopkins: I’ve been playing football since 4th grade.

Zac Robinson: Since I was 8.


What are your future plans? Do they involve continuing playing?

Jackson Dougherty: I don’t know my future plans yet.

Vito Paonessa: I’ve been working really hard and planning on continuing to work towards my goals are playing at the college level.

Nick Cuva: I want to own my own business.

Ty Hurst: I am going to play college football.

Collin Dixon: My future plans involve playing college football and getting my degree from a school in the Big 10.

Zander Hopkins: I plan to play college football and major in nursing 

Zac Robinson: I want to travel America and then the world, college football’s too much work for my liking.