Second Team All-Suburban League and Honorable Mention Football Players Take the Stage

Cooper Jones, Staff Writer

How has playing this sport affected you?

Seth Yacobucci: It has affected me by making me work harder. 

Ameer Yasin: Playing this sport has taught me how to be a better teammate, a better friend, and an all-around better person.

Keagan Gilbride: It has helped me meet a lot of new people and get in touch with the community in a way.

Dane Leon: It’s made me closer to my friends while also making new friends.

Gino Spano: I’ve gotten closer to my friends.

What was your favorite memory from this season? 

Seth Yacobucci: My favorite memory was winning a home playoff game.

Ameer Yasin: Getting our first shutout in years against Falls and pouring water on our coach’s head.

Keagan Gilbride: The atmosphere of youth night and the packed stadium.

Dane Leon: My favorite memory is probably me and Caiden laughing in the Green kids’ faces while blocking him because he was terrible.

Gino Spano: Beating Green in overtime.

Which teammate inspires you the most and why?

Seth Yacobucci: Colin because of his work ethic. 

Ameer Yasin: Beau Gromley inspires me because he’s faced so much adversity. He’s got like eight concussions and a broken ankle he’s probably only played in like eight games in four years but he still gets up and keeps going with no excuse.

Keagan Gilbride: Zander Hopkins and Nick Cuva. Playing the same position as them and getting to learn from two of the best has really helped me this season and they are great teammates.

Dane Leon: Probably all of the seniors.

Gino Spano: Keston Bender because of how hard he works.

Why did you choose this sport?

Seth Yacobucci: I chose it because it’s fun.

Ameer Yasin: When I started playing football I just fell in love with it and no other sport gets me more excited than football.

Keagan Gilbride: I’ve always had fun playing football and it’s fun to do it with my friends.

Dane Leon: Because of all of my friends that played it.

Gino Spano: I’ve always been good at it.

How long have you been playing?

Seth Yacobucci: Been playing since 4th grade.

Ameer Yasin: I have been playing football for four years going on five.

Keagan Gilbride: I’ve been playing for about 9-10 years.

Dane Leon: I’ve been playing since I was nine years old.

Gino Spano: I’ve been playing since I was nine.

What are your future plans? Do they involve continuing playing?

Seth Yacobucci: My future plans are to play baseball in college no more football.

Ameer Yasin: Yes I plan on playing in college and hopefully making a living out of it.

Keagan Gilbride: Still don’t know what the future holds for me, I’m just looking forward to next year.

Dane Leon: I’m not playing in college I’m going to focus on school.

Gino Spano: To go to college but I don’t know what my future holds.