French teacher shares her take on Christianity and FCA


Picture from Julie Metzger.

Hailey Andrews, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Julie Metzger, a French teacher at Tallmadge High School discusses her upbringing in Christianity and how she would like to see a change in the world.


Q: Who/what first introduced you to Christianity?


A: My mother – I was brought up going to church every week, praying at meals, and learning Bible stories.  I am very thankful for her. She helped me make the decision to be baptized in middle school.


Q: What is your testimony? What are some ways that your Christian faith has been strengthened throughout your life?  


A: When I was young, it was my mom, as I just mentioned.  She modeled going to church, reading Bible stories, singing in the choir, volunteering at the church in various ways, and just loving others.  Also, Sunday school taught me many lessons about the Bible and how to strive to act more like Jesus.


In high school, I joined YoungLife thanks to my math teacher, Mr. Wertz.   This is a bit like FCA.  We got together once a week and sang, watched skits, prayed, and enjoyed the fellowship.  My friends and I all went to YoungLife camp in the summer for a week and it was incredible!  I was also active in my church youth group.  Being surrounded by adults and peers who had the same goals and supported me – helped to strengthen my faith!  


As a young adult, I joined a non-denominational church that had modern music and the sermons were energetic and did a great job of showing us how to apply Bible truths to our everyday lives.  This is when I started reading the Bible and reflecting on what it means to be a Christian and wanting Jesus to be a part of every part of my life.  


My husband, Dave, has been a big influence on my faith also.  He modeled for me getting up early every morning and spending time in the Bible and praying.  I had not seen that before.  He also taught me to stop and pray about everything – all day long.  He also led us to join and eventually lead a small group at our church.  


I hope, that as the FCA advisor, I can be a part of helping others be strengthened in their walk with Jesus.


Q: What is something you would tell a new Christian to help them learn more about God?


A: Learn and research for yourself by reading the Bible.  I would suggest using the YouVersion Bible app to help you understand what you are reading.  You can pick a plan – I would suggest starting with the book of Matthew.  The Bible plans give you Bible verses each day and also help you understand it with a devotion.  Also, get connected to a church that follows all the principles of the Bible and join a small group for encouragement and support.


Q: What is your favorite go-to verse and why?


A: There are so many!  I spent a year reading the bible and stopping to create images with the Bible verses that I wanted to remember.  Then I created a book with all of them.  I love looking through my book!  *You can create images with the YouVersion app using your own pictures or the ones that they provide!

Q: Do you believe prayer has helped you? If so, why? If not, why?


A: Absolutely!  Prayer is simply talking to God.  He loves us and wants to hear from us.  Just like you need to talk to a person to get to know them and become close to them, you need to talk to God to get close to Him too!  


Q: What has been your favorite part about your relationship with God?

A: Finding joy and peace.  True joy and peace can only come from Him.  There will be troubles in this life, but with God, we can learn from them, become stronger, and keep our joy and peace!


Q: What do you wish you could tell someone who does not like Christians/Christian religion? How would you convince someone to change their mind?


A: If a person does not like Christians, it could be because they do not like how Christians have acted.  I would agree with them that Christians, like all humans, will fail to act the way that Jesus did.  Even with the best intentions, all humans will sin and disappoint others.  We must look to Jesus if we want to understand what Christianity is all about.  He will never disappoint you.


Q: What is one thing you wish you could change in our world and why?


A: I wish there was no evil.


Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself, your experiences, Christianity, FCA, etc?


A: FCA is every Friday morning when there is school.  Everyone is welcome and wanted!  There are usually breakfast snacks and we always have a speaker that encourages us either with their testimony &/or shares ways for us to grow in our faith.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about who Jesus is and be uplifted to start your day!