Breiding makes masks for staff

Teacher Arene Staszak’s collection of the masks teacher Molly Breiding made for her.

Mia Marino, Online Editor

Teacher Molly Breiding took her free time during March to start making masks. At first, Breiding was only making masks for her sister who is a nurse. Eventually, she branched out and began making masks for the other nurses at the nursing home. 

“I’ve always fiddled around with sewing. I don’t sew with a pattern, I just sew. Like in my cooking, I won’t cook with an exact recipe, I’ll just cook as I’m doing it,” Breiding said.

Breiding posts pictures of her masks on Facebook and Twitter and charges $5 per mask for the staff at Tallmadge High School. Breiding also has a group of teachers to whom she sells her masks. 

“I would tell them that I will make the masks, but they would just have to buy the fabric and material for them,” Breiding said.  She also offers masks that she has made with leftover fabric.

Breiding said that making the masks is a lot of work for one person. For this reason, she stated that doing a fundraiser would not be possible for her. However, Breiding said she is working on a mask surprise for her honors math classes. 

Teacher Celia Bowser said, “Her masks are the best! Not only do they fit great with their built-in nose pieces and perfect length ear bands, but she always finds the cutest fabric.”

Pictured: Teachers Mark Swindell, Brittney Lightel and Celia Bowser wear Breiding masks to school Oct. 2.