Decorated houses add to Christmas spirit


Claire Taylor

A house on Beechwood Drive, self-title “Candy Cane Lane”, placed in the Light Up Tallmadge contest.

Claire Taylor, Staff Writer

Putting up Christmas lights, a tree and more have been long-standing traditions for people around the world. Even before electricity, people found a way to express their Christmas spirit. 

“For many years, those who could afford to would express their Christmas spirit by lighting candles on trees,” according to an article in TIME Magazine. 

Eventually the candles evolved into lights and people started to put the lights up on their houses to show their Christmas spirit. This is one of many Christmas traditions people around the world continue to keep. New traditions have also been made, like driving around and viewing decorated homes.

“It’s a small tradition my family has where we just drive and look at lights,” junior Ashton Bell said. 

Many houses in Tallmadge are decorated with colorful lights for the holiday season. Many people enjoy driving around and looking at all the festive displays. 

“I like driving around, looking at [the Christmas lights] because it makes me excited for Christmas, and I think they are pretty,” junior Addie Bowman said. 

Tallmadge began a new competition this year called Light Up Tallmadge, inviting people to enter their outdoor holiday decorations. The competition was recently judged ,and the top five can create a good route to take when driving around looking at lights. The first place house is 809 Bentley Place Blvd. The home even has music to accompany the decorations which is a favorite for some people, including junior Emma Buser.

“My favorite kind of lights are the white ones and that go to music,” Buser said. 

The top five houses are on the following roads going from first to fifth place:809 Bentley Place Blvd., 1154 Broadview Road, 287 Kensington Park Drive, 176 North Avenue, and 1069 Beechwood Drive. These houses are considered the best decorated in Tallmadge.

Bell said, “I love seeing how creative people can get with  [Christmas decorations].”