Schools should improve communication about mental health

Mia Marino, Online Editor

Mental health is an important subject to speak about. In the past, mental health would be seen as a taboo topic to talk about, especially in a school environment. However, mental health has become more and more common to speak amongst others. I personally feel that speaking about mental health in a school environment should be normalized. 

“I think mental health is a lot more of a problem with our generation simply because of the way technology and societal expectations and things like that have progressed. Our school has a great system set in place to deal with student’s mental health already, but a way they could improve is by trying to be a bit more understanding. I mean that by example being a little more lenient with due dates on assignments. Just little things like that would make a huge difference for some people if it was possible. I don’t think enough people understand how mental health can affect so much and how such tiny things can be a big factor in that,” junior Riley Murphy said.

I believe that schools should not make mental health seem like this eery, taboo subject to talk about. Mental health issues are a normal part of life that many students experience. Schools should be willing to help and listen to students that are struggling with mental health issues as well. 

“It would be a good idea for the school to do quarterly meetings with each student to see how they are doing. People don’t realize how many students struggle with mental health issues so it would be a good way to help,” senior Kaela Skubic said.

It is hard to remember that some students do not have an outlet at home for them to express how they feel. Sometimes students do not have a safe environment to share their internal thoughts with. If schools remind their students that they have trusted adults they can reach out to, it could potentially improve their mental health before anything could become out of hand. Schools should also be understanding to their students concerning their mental health. Mental health is a normal part of life, but it is perceived as a touchy subject. I believe that mental health should be openly talked about.

“I feel like teachers and other staff could be more accommodating to students who have poor mental health. Not to say that every teacher doesn’t care, but most teachers don’t know any signs of when a student’s struggling and if they do, they don’t really care to ask,” senior Akili Tucker said. ” I feel like if they played a more active role in helping struggling students, like asking them if everything’s alright, or if they need to talk, not only would students have a better relationship with their teacher, but they can potentially change that student’s life.”