Students stay in touch while at home

Marley Queen, Staff Writer

Over the past few months students have been finding different ways to communicate and interact with each other while still being able to keep their circles small. Today students have the privilege of owning phones and other devices to keep in touch with others without actually being with them. There are many different apps and websites that students from THS use while these times are tough with the Covid-19 restrictions.

Senior Michael Davis and a few of his friends used their computers to livestream themselves playing video games for 24 hours straight while they were all at their own house. 

“In the beginning of quarantine, our group [Jackson Queen, Halle Caruso, Vanessa Dao, Michael Davis] really wanted to do a 24-hour call together,” Davis said. “To communicate with each other we used an application called Discord. It’s kind of like Skype.”
Many kids use Discord and other streaming apps so they can game and talk with each other while they cannot be together. Davis and his friends did this for their Thanksgiving hangout because they could not be together in person.

“I decided to theme it around the idea of Friendsgiving, because this year we weren’t able to see our closest friends and family, and we wanted to do something special with their friends to celebrate Thanksgiving safely,“ Davis said.

With Discord they were able to have their “Friendsgiving” together while being safe.

Freshman Kathryn Headrick and a few of her friends were able to watch Netflix together during quarantine using their computers as well.

“When we started watching the movies over quarantine, we used ‘Netflix Party’ (which is now teleparty) . It’s a Chrome extension for our computers,” Headrick said. “We had eight people [watching] the first time we did it. There’s also a little chat section on the side for everyone to see.”

Many people use different apps to entertain themselves and their friends while they cannot do it together in person. It is simple and easy to set up and use with a group of friends or family.

“It was actually really simple to set up. One person picks a movie or TV show on their own Netflix account (or Hulu or Disney+) and then you click the extension and send the link to your friends,” Headrick said.

There are many ways to stay in touch with friends when not together using different apps and extensions on your phones and computer. 

Senior Halle Caruso said, “While we can’t really hang out in person, playing games online or just talking to your friends helps everyone still have some fun. Is better to make the best of things and do what we can do. “