Boys basketball team prepares for hopeful restart of season

Claire Taylor, Staff Writer

The Tallmadge basketball team’s first game was supposed to be Dec. 1, but with the team quarantine and Tallmadge going remote, that did not happen. The team is scheduled to start  practice again Dec. 19. This means that the players have to exercise and practice their skills on their own time and many of the players have been.

“I have been doing home workouts to try and stay in shape,” senior Nick Lambacher said.

The team has been meeting virtually as well to just check in and prepare for the first game and to see how the team is doing. 

“The basketball team also has Google meets to touch up on things before the season starts,” freshman Noah Jascoe said. 

It is important for the team to be ready to go as soon as it is safe. With that being said, the boys have to do things on their own and it can be hard to stay motivated by yourself. Junior Kyle Ries shares what keeps him going.

“Just being ready and practicing on my own has really kept me motivated for when the season continues and I actually start to play basketball,” Ries said. 

Right now, the season is uncertain, but the team is hopeful and are looking forward to getting back on track.

“I miss playing and competing with the team every day,” sophomore Collin Dixon said. 

According to the schedule, the first game is Dec. 22 against Field. That could change because of the setbacks the team has faced. At this time no spectators will be allowed at home games, but those games will be live streamed on Youtube. 

Ries said, “[For] the first game we are preparing by knowing the plays and knowing how we have to play to win.”