Tallmadge excels in Covid-19 response

Jackson Queen, Broadcast Editor

Ohio reported an all-time high of 2,039 confirmed Covid-19 cases in one day Oct. 14. This trend has been consistent in the month of October as schools remain open for their school year. It has become apparent that schools have been struggling to maintain a Covid-free environment so that they can continue to stay open. 

Although the sudden spike in confirmed cases in Summit County, Tallmadge High School has yet to have a confirmed Covid-19 case during the school year. 

“Our students and administration have been working really well, trying to put every safety measure into effect and so far it’s been working,” Principal Mike Householder said. 

Tallmadge requires that every student must get their temperature taken before they enter the building and that they wear a mask all day. These safety protocols, among many others, have helped Tallmadge maintain the Covid-free environment that other local schools are struggling to find. 

“Student-wide, we have not had any positive cases at the high school. Our students are doing a great job following the procedures put in place,” Householder said.

Despite the rising cases in Ohio, Tallmadge currently has no plan to shut down for in-person learning or change their course.  

“Things can certainly change at any time, but unless the Governor orders it or if (Summit County) hits purple, then we are going to stay status quo and remain where we are,” Householder said.

The purple level, or the highest public emergency level, for counties indicates that the virus is at a severe exposure and spread threat for the area.

While yes, Tallmadge does not plan to close down and go remote unless needed, the school’s faculty has talked about and planned for what they are going to do if the schools were to close for in-person learning. 

“(The administration) has met up and talked about our current situation with the coronavirus. Obviously if it hits our school or hits the faculty and a lot of students are out, we would have to reevaluate our situation. But, as of right now, I do not see us changing anything that we’re doing, and when it comes to our high school, I do believe that we are in a very good spot,” Householder said.

Tallmadge City Schools are set to remain open for the rest of the school year unless the current Covid situation in Tallmadge were to change. 

For more information on this matter, go to www.tallmadgeschools.org and go to their “2020 Reopening” directory where all Covid-related information regarding the schools is available, including a Covid-19 Dashboard with daily updates.